How old is too old to breast feed?

I know that breastfeeding your child is one of those really personal choices that shouldn’t concern anyone else, but there comes a point in time where it’s time to let go and let your child grow up.

I was reading this article today, and I just couldn’t for the life of me understand how this woman could continue breastfeeding her child at 3 and a half years old. The child is getting close to the age of being able to remember things when they are older, and that isn’t really something that kids should have to remember.

I sometimes wonder if the mothers of these children (who claim they are doing it for the child) are actually being really selfish and struggling to let go of their baby. Most parents I have spoken to all agree that anytime between 6 months to 18 months if a good time to stop, with the consensus being 12 months.

If you still want your child to have breast milk past that point, then that’s fine, but at least consider investing in a breast pump and bottle feed your child. If your little one is able to walk and talk, and looks more like a little person than a baby, it’s past time to let go.

Reading through the comments on that page, I am not alone in thinking she should give it away, but there are plenty of people supporting her decision.

I then did some research and found evidence of people breastfeeding their children until they were 8 years old – Incredible! The page even notes that a babysitter called a child abuse hotline to report it. The kid even said he didn’t want to breastfeed any more, but his mom forced him too. There is no way that is in the best interests of the child and the poor kid is probably being made fun of by all the other kids at school, the mental scaring could impact him for the rest of his life.