Grants Pass Used Cars Demonstrate Their Concern Over Your Kid’s Safety

Once you managed to acquire your favorite used car from the auto dealership in Grants Pass, your next concern would involve the best child seat for your little one.

Did you know that the way you fit the seat can have an effect on your kid’s safety? One needs to ask yourself if you are installing it correctly? Have you ever heard of the word Isofix? What more can you do to ensure your child is safely seated?

In some places, we heard reports of some children who do not have a car seat yet. Were you aware of the fact that it is illegal for kids younger than 3 years old not to be strapped into their child seat while the car is busy moving?

The reasons why this law exists is being illustrated by a reputed driver training company. They reckon that once you are in a crash where your child is not buckled up, they will move forward with a force that is up to 30 times more than their own weight.

Arrive Alive in the United States reported that if car seats are correctly installed and used for kids younger than 5 years, it would reduce the risk of hospitalization by up to 69 percent. For infants, the risk of death is reduced by as much as 70% and for kids aged between one and four by as much as 54 percent.

Used cars Grants Pass dealership owners such asĀ say the parents who are responsible in strapping their child into a seat should give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back. Just be sure you use the seat the right way.

Some of the more common mistakes folks make when strapping their sprouts, involve:

  • Using the wrong car seat for their children
  • Not having a seat registered with the manufacturer
  • Not ensuring that the seat is adequately secured to the vehicle
  • Not using booster seats for older kids
  • Ignoring car seat recalls.

We mentioned Isofix before. Do you want to know what it is?

Most modern-day cars come equipped with various anchorage points, which make the whole installation process associated with a child car seat far easier.

Isofix would be a universal fitting system that is seen as one of the safest options in the market. The benefit of this system is that the car seat is fixed to the chassis of your vehicle. There are fewer chances of an incorrect installation that is often associated with fixed seats.

Not all vehicles come with Isofix. If your car is not fitted with Isofix, then you may want to follow these tips:

  • Car seats need to have a 3-point seat belt.
  • Make sure the seat is fitted in a way that it would safeguard your child’s head and neck.
  • Install the car seat as directed by your manual
  • Do not use a car seat where there are airbags. These deploy at speeds of up to 217 miles per hour and can be fatal.
  • Children who are younger than 12 should always ride in the back seat.
  • Harness belts must not be twisted.
  • One should be able to put your hand flat between the buckle of the seat and your child’s tummy.

Which Seat Should You Get?

A car seat would have an orange sticker. On the label is all the information you need to form the right decision. All vehicles need to have specific guidelines given for the safe installation of a car seat.

Furthermore, a blue sticker means it should be installed rear-facing and also show how long the child can sit before they have outgrown it and you need to upgrade to a higher weight grading, of you might have to buy a front-facing seat.

Use the seat that is rear-facing to the upper limit before switching to a forward-facing unit.

Red would indicate the necessary forward-facing guidelines for the seat you want to install. The minimum weight provided is to accommodate tall and skinny kids who have outgrown their previous group seat in length but not the weight. Again be sure to only use the car seat up to the limit it was designed for.

Speak to you used car dealership in Grants Pass and asked whether or not the vehicle they are selling has an Isofix system.

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